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The doctoral study in linguistics (III cycle) unites all four study departments within the Department of Languages and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zenica, namely: the Department of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Languages and Literature (OBHSJK), the Department of English and literature (OEJK), the Department of German Language and Literature (ONJJK) and the Department of Turkish Language and Literature (OTJK).

The study lasts 3 years with 180 ECTS, teaching and other obligations from the curriculum up to the preparation of the doctorate are represented by 90 ECTS, and the preparation of the doctoral dissertation also by 90 ECTS.

Participants take a total of 9 subjects, of which in the 1st year (I and II semesters) jointly compulsory and optional, and in the III semester candidates choose a subject from a narrower scientific field. In the 3rd semester, candidates prepare a synopsis of their doctoral thesis and present it to the Council of Doctoral Studies for approval.

From the IV semester, candidates prepare a doctoral thesis. In this phase, 2 doctoral colloquia are planned, the first in the IV sem. and the second in the 5th semester, where the candidate has the opportunity to receive feedback from a number of experts in his field for the ideas and results of his research project. This also achieves continuity and directs the candidate's further work with the aim of completing the doctoral dissertation within the possible 3-6 years.

Exit title reads: DOCTOR OF LINGUISTIC SCIENCES with an indication of the narrower scientific field (scientific branch): linguistics/Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language, linguistics/English language, linguistics/German language, linguistics/Turkish language.

This title belongs to the scientific field: humanities; scientific field: language and literature (philology); scientific branch: linguistics for the Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language, linguistics for the English language, linguistics for the German language, linguistics for the Turkish language.

This study can be enrolled by graduates of the I and II cycles with 300 ECTS in the field of language and literature, then graduates of a master's study under the pre-Bologna program in a relevant scientific area and scientific field and graduates of a graduate study under the pre-Bologna program (so-called VII degree), as well as candidates/ -women with foreign diplomas with prior certification and relevant previous studies already mentioned.

The decision on the tuition fee for the Doctoral Study in Linguistics will be published on this link, when it is made in the near future.

Plan structure III cycle 2021-bos

Program structure III cycle 2021-bos

Decision of the Senate on the constitution of the Doctoral Study Council

Rules of Procedure of the Council for Doctoral Studies in Linguistics

Cost list for the III cycle of studies

The final list of admitted candidates for the III cycle of studies

Doctoral Study in Linguistic-Program Structure

Doctoral study Linguistics teaching plan

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