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30 years of work and activities of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zenica

Today's Faculty of Philosophy evolved from the Pedagogical Academy through the Faculty of Pedagogy. The Pedagogical Academy in Zenica was formed by the Decision of the Presidency of RBiH on March 10, 1994. The act of formation was preceded by the decision of the College of the University of Sarajevo dated December 9, 1993. on the acceptance of the initiative of the Zenica Municipality Assembly on the social justification of establishing the Pedagogical Academy in Zenica with the study of classroom teaching. The difficult personnel situation in our elementary schools threatened to completely block the teaching process from I to IV grades. The very pronounced need for classroom teachers, teachers, in a wide area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, dictated the acceleration of activities to create the conditions for the establishment and start of the work of the Pedagogical Academy in Zenica. Academic year 2000/2001. In 2008, the study at the Academy was enriched by the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, which included a two-year study realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Sarajevo. Academic year 2004/05. In 2008, the two-year study of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics grew into a four-year study.

In August 2002, by decision of the Zenica-Doboj canton, and with the consent of the University of Sarajevo, the Pedagogical Academy grew into the Faculty of Pedagogy, with four departments, and two more departments were subsequently introduced. In addition to the Department of Classroom Teaching and the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of German Language and Literature were formed first, and then the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, and the Department of Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Languages and Literature.

Ultimately, the Faculty of Education changed its name to the Faculty of Philosophy in 2013, when the Department of Cultural Studies was launched.

Mission and vision

The mission of the Faculty of Philosophy is based on the Law on Higher Education, which regulates the implementation of scientific, educational, artistic and development policy in general. This implies the development of university education that is based on scientific work in all areas of social sciences and humanities, the encouragement of scientific work through scientific and professional research, as well as the publication of such research.

The mission of the Faculty is to spread culture, strengthen international cooperation, and participate in international and domestic projects. As a cultural and educational institution, the Faculty of Philosophy represents a pillar of scientific development with the task of nurturing the spirit of tolerance, mutual cooperation and multi-ethics towards all neighboring and world cultures and languages, nurturing tradition and developing innovation. The Faculty of Philosophy achieves its mission in terms of improving and exchanging knowledge and mobility of employees and students, working to raise general social awareness.

A vision of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zenica is to develop the highest educational standards in higher education. As a higher education and scientific-research institution in the field of social sciences and humanities, the Faculty of Philosophy strives to develop students' creativity and critical thinking through the teaching process, encourages innovation and strives for academic excellence, which through its scientific and research work becomes a support for the development of educational and social life as a whole.

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