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Head / leader of the study program Assoc. Ph.D. Ikbal Smajlović


Scientific and professional area of the study program linguistics, philology, literature, methodology of teaching Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language and literature


Duration of the study program (is there a possibility of distance learning, part-time study, etc.) 4 years


The minimum number of ECTS points required to complete the studies 240 ECTS credits


Conditions of study enrollment There is no entrance exam


Study tasks - educate graduate professors of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language and literature according to the standards of the ECTS system and the Bologna Declaration
- to ensure the mechanisms of mastering the modern basic competencies of the qualified professor of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language and literature
- apply the principles of integral upbringing and education, for which it is necessary to permeate informative and formative study components
- by applying the ECTS system, ensure the passability of students
- to train, in the long term, our own scientific and research staff
- orient planned and designed long-term research development projects in linguistic sciences, especially Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language and literature
- with this study concept, ensure easier inclusion of the University of Zenica and the Zenica-Doboj Canton in numerous changes and transformations in society


Learning outcomes - encouraging and developing awareness of the importance of language and literature in national culture, as well as the importance of national culture
- application of acquired knowledge from the history of the Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian languages, dialectology and the standard Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language (connecting knowledge from different language disciplines and solving new and complex problems)
- application of acquired knowledge from Bosnian literature and culture and their connection with linguistic knowledge
- interpreting different literary texts
- connecting the teaching content of the Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian language courses with other components of the course (literature, oral and written expression, media culture), as well as with other teaching subjects
- independent production of teaching materials
- analysis and adequate application of the procedures of scientific and school interpretation of the literary text
- the ability to write a professional paper in the field covered by the study (literary criticism, reviews, reviews, etc.)
- the ability to write a short scientific paper in the field of linguistics and literature
- correct use of modern concepts from all areas covered by the study


Employability and the opinion of organizations related to the labor market on the appropriateness of the expected learning outcomes In accordance with the expected learning outcomes, students who complete this course can work in schools, media houses, various cultural institutions, publishing houses, institutes, as professors, proofreaders, proofreaders, editors, publishers, researchers, editors, mediators...


Possibility of continuing studies Continuation of studies is possible in the second cycle (postgraduate study/master's study) at the home faculty, but also at faculties in the near and far surroundings.
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