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The transfer of students from other higher education institutions to the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zenica is regulated by the Statute of the University of Zenica, as follows:

Statute of the University of Zenica

Section E. Transfer from another university and method of recognition of passed exams


Article 245 (Transfer from another university)

  1. Students from other universities can transfer and continue their respective studies at the University, in which case the exams passed are recognized in their entirety, if there is the sameness and/or affinity of the teaching programs, i.e. their content and scope.
  2. If there is a difference in the curricula of the subjects passed, it is determined and the student is obliged to pass it.
  3. After the completion of the procedure for the recognition of passed exams, the status of a student at the University is determined for the transferring student, identical to the status he had at the higher education institution from which he is transferring.


Article 246 (Request for transfer)

  1. The student submits the application for transfer, along with certified curricula and programs of passed subjects (only for students outside the University), and a certificate of passed exams and ECTS credits, to the faculty, no later than September 15 of the current year.
  2. The decision on the approval of transfer within the University and from another University is made by the dean.
  3. The decision from the previous paragraph can be appealed to the NNV/UNV of the faculty/academy/high school, within 8 (eight) days, counting from the day of its reception.


Article 247 (Decision on recognition of exams)

  1. The decision on the recognition of passed exams from another university is made by the teaching-scientific council, on the proposal of the teaching committee.
  2. The preparation of the proposal for the recognition of the exam, on the prescribed form, is carried out by the teaching committee, which consists of the vice dean for teaching of the faculty and the ECTS coordinators of the University and the faculty.
  3. Against the decision referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, an objection can be lodged with the NNV/UNV of the faculty.
  4. The decision on the objection is final.


Article 248. (Transfer from one study program to another, within the University)

Analogous to Articles 245 and 246 of this Statute, it is possible to transfer from one study program to another, within the University, under the conditions that the transferring candidate can be recognized for at least 2 (two) exams passed at the organizational unit from which he transfers, if the conditions are met from Article 242, paragraph (1) point a) and b) and that the teaching of the study year and the study program from which the student is transferring and to which he is transferring is not called into question, in accordance with valid standards and norms in the field of higher education.

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